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The Deviants' Unreal Tools for UT2004
version 4.5.1

 Coming Soon: DvT Tools for UT3 
Bask in the Green Light of Deviance

The Unreal Tools, from Clan Deviants, are an essential part of the Unreal Tournament 2004 on-line gaming experience. Simple, effective, standalone-tools that, individually, do not try to be "all things to all people." While feature-rich, the Tools are elegant in their straightforward simplicity.
  1. DvT Server Query  More Info
    • Tell it the IPs of up to 9 of your favorite servers - It will tell you who is there and what games they are playing... and their scores...join them on the server...or check/change the contents of your UT2004.ini and User.ini files first, if you want to.
  2. DvT Map Manager  More Info
    • Tell it where to start looking - It will tell you what ZIP and RAR files you have. When you select a file that is a UT map or mod archive, it knows where to install all the files of the archive...with one button click. For Server Administrators, it will also make compressed .uz2 files for your redirect server, if you say "please."
  3. DvT Cache Manager  More Info
    • Your UT2004 Cache is a mess? Need to install the kewl maps that were downloaded to your cache? Need to clean the crap mods and old versions out? You keep having to re-download maps because your cache keeps expiring? The Cache Manager is the solution.
  4. DvT Launch Tool  More Info
    • Gather your Deviated Tools together in one place. Run the Launch Tool and there's a big button with a picture of your choice on it to run the Tool you want. It's also customizable - you can have it run up to 31 different programs for you. (Why 31? We're Deviants; it seemed like a nice round number.)
  5. Play with Deviance Tool  More Info
    • Change the UT2004 opening "The Way It's Meant To Played" logo from the nVidia logo to Clan Deviants' logo.
    • Since this feature will be of interest primarily to members of Clan Deviants, it is not built-in to the Launch Tool, as the other Tools are. It is included in the Start|Programs|DvTTools menu that the installation program creates.

The current version of the DvT Tools suite is All programs will always have the same version number, even if only one of the programs has changed.
If the version numbers of the screenshots of the programs shown below (or in the help files for the programs) do match the current version number, it is because the appearance of the program window has not significantly changed since the screenshot was taken. This does not imply that the program has not been upgraded since the screenshot however.

DOWNLOAD The Deviants' Unreal Tools
DvTMapManager 8 (UT3) (Beta: 6/17/11) Current Full Version (released 6/22/2007) Previous Version: (released 11/1/2006) Previous Version: (released 8/8/2005)
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 estimated download time: 48 seconds (1.5Mb DSL) 
 Installation Instructions 
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The DvT Tools are free, but be sure to read the license agreement (EULA).
It's not quite like any that you've had to agree to before....
....or is it?

DvT Server Query

Lots of buttons to click!

The (up to) nine buttons at the top allow you to select the Server you want to view.

Refresh: queries the server right now...instead of waiting until the end of the current refresh interval.

Play UT2004...: takes you straight into the selected server — click in and you're playing.

Copy IP: copies the server's IP address and port (as highlighted, automatically) to the clipboard, so you can paste it whereever you like.

Web Admin: if you have web admin access to the server, this button will take you right there.

Lots of buttons ... easy to use. <br>

<<NEW - 4.2.5>> Map screenshot thumbnails! Screenshots for over 500 maps. Each thumbnail is 128x96.
<<NEW - 4.2.5>> Your name on the program title bar.
<<NEW - 4.2.5>> Join a server as a Spectator.
<<NEW - 4.2.5>> Change your name before joining a game with a click of a button.

<<NEW - 4.3.1>> Server ping times should be more accurate, with fewer timeouts.
<<NEW - 4.3.1>> Server and player info windows adjust size and location based upon how many servers you are watching.

<<FIXED - 4.5.1>> Entering a server IP number works easily now.

DvT Server Query
(One row of server buttons)

(Two rows of server buttons)

(Three rows of server buttons)

What it can't do:


DvT Map Manager

Tell it where to start looking...

Select a folder...

Select a File...

Click Install...

The map pack is installed.

If UT2004 is installed correctly (can you play the game? probably is), Map Manager knows where to put everything.

Double-click (or right-click) on a text (.txt), picture (.jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png), web file (.htm, .html), or batch (.bat) in the list and it will show you the file or picture.

For server administrators: option to create uz2 files for your redirect server at the same time you install to your machine.

<<NEW>>Install all the maps from a selected folder.
<<NEW>>Install a map and play it in Instant Action to check it out.
<<NEW>>Uninstall a previously installed map archive.

DvT Map Manager

What it can't do:


DvT Cache Manager

The Cache Manager knows where your cache is... for all 3 Unreal Tournament games, if they are installed on your system.

Select All, or manually select the files you want permanently installed...

(If Move is selected, once they are installed they are removed from the cache; if Copy is selected, they stay in the cache too.)

Click the UT logo and it's done

...Or if you've selected Delete, they're gone forever.

Right-click on a file in the list and you will be shown its name in the cache, its 'real' name, and its dates and times.

DvT Cache Manager

What it can't do:


DvT Launch Tool

Click a button; the program runs.


You can configure the buttons yourself:

DvT Launch Tool



Play With Deviance

Change the nVidia logo to the Deviants' logo or change it back.

Once the logo has been changed the Play With Deviance configures itself as an uninstall tool

The picture above the active button shows what the logo will be after the button is clicked.

Play with Deviance Install Tool

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