UT3 Splash Screens Help

About UT3 Splash

UT3 Splash Screens is a simple little utility for use with Unreal Tournament 3 which rotates the UT3 start-up splash screen among user supplied picture files.

Once it is configured, it merely changes the UT3 splash screen to the next picture in the user-defined rotation and starts UT3. During this process it does not display itself to the user. Clicking on the UT3Splash shortcut appears to the user as if the UT3 shortcut had been used.

UT3 Splash has been tested and found to work in Windows XP Home Edition (32-bit) and in Windows Vista Home Premium Edition (64-bit). It is expected that it will work correctly in all versions of Windows XP and Vista, both 32-bit and 64-bit. There is a minor glitch with Vista x64, which is explained in the "Where is UT3 installed" section, below.

Your use of UT3 Splash is licensed according Clan Deviants' Standard End User License Agreement (EULA) which is available at http://dvttools.dvts.org/dvtstdlicense.html

Installing and Uninstalling UT3 Splash

Run the UT3Splash-Setup.exe program that you downloaded to install UT3 Splash. Follow the instructions on the screen.

If you tell the setup program that you want to do a "Complete" install, UT3 Splash will be installed in your C:\Program Files folder. If you want to install it in a different location, select the "Custom" install option.

The installation program will create a UT3Splash desktop icon for you and will place UT3Splash and UT3SplashConfig icons in your Start|Programs|Unreal Tournament 3 menu. UT3SplashConfig is discussed in the next section, below.

To uninstall the program, open the Windows Control Panel and use the "Add/Remove Programs" (XP) or "Programs and Features" (Vista) utility.

UT3Splash-Setup.exe, the installation program, does not contain any picture files to use as alternates to the stock UT3 splash screen. Currently twenty-nine pictures are available along with UT3 Splash for your use but they must be downloaded separately at http://dvttools.dvts.org/download/ut3splash-screens.zip This keeps the setup program small when updates are released — also when new pictures are made available, you don't have to reinstall the program to get them. As I find new pictures that seem appropriate for use as UT3 splash screens they will be added to this .ZIP file.

After downloading the setup program and the screens ZIP file and after installing the program, install the picture files as follows:

Use Windows Explorer to go to the folder where you installed the program. Create a subfolder of the folder containing the program — name this subfolder "Screen". Open the screens .ZIP file and extract all files into the Screen folder you just created. The program is now ready to use.

If you have previously extracted an older screens .ZIP file into your Screens folder and have obtained a newer version of the screens .ZIP file, just extract the new .ZIP file into the Screens folder. If it asks about overwriting existing files, say 'no' to ensure that none of your existing pictures are lost ... or say 'yes,' if you don't care or are not worried about it. Saying "yes to all" is fastest.

Running UT3 in Configuration Mode

There are three ways to start UT3 Splash in Configuration Mode.

  1. Run the program (UT3Splash.exe) from a folder in which there is no "splash.ini" file. This is its initial state immediately after it is installed and the first time you run UT3 Splash it will run in Configuration Mode. If "splash.ini" exists, you may delete it to force UT3 Splash to run in Configuration Mode.
  2. Edit the "splash.ini" file such that the [config] section contains the following entry: config=true, then run UT3 Splash.
  3. Run the "UT3SplashConfig.exe" program that is included with UT3 Splash. This program simply changes the "splash.ini" file as indicated in #2 and then immediately runs UT3 Splash.

Help (this page) is available in Configuration Mode by clicking on the button at the upper right of the "Configure UT3" screen or the upper left of the "Select Splash Screens" screen of the Configuration Mode windows. See the pictures below.

The screenshots below show UT3 Splash in Configuration Mode.

The Configure UT3 Screen

Since the normal use of UT3 Splash runs Unreal Tournament 3 for you, it has to know where UT3 is installed on your system and how you want it to run. You give it this information on this screen. Click on the "Configure" tab to display this screen.

Where is UT3 installed?
UT3Splash will check your registry to try to determine where UT3 is installed.

If UT3's location could not be found in the registry, click the appropriate radio button to tell UT3Splash where you installed UT3. The "I chose my own..." radiobutton, indicates that you did not use the default location chosen by UT3's installation program; enter the drive and folder where you installed UT3 in the box below the radiobutton. If you did use the default location specified by UT3's installation program, the correct location should already be selected for you; if not, click the appropriate button for your operating system or put the correct path in the "I chose my own..." box..

Note: If the 1st, 3rd, or 4th radiobuttons are selected, UT3's location is placed in the box below the "I chose my own..." radiobutton. In these cases, you cannot edit the location in the box.

UT3 run-time parameters

If you do not use any run-time parameters when running UT3, uncheck all of the checkboxes in this section and leave everything blank.

If you use the "-nohomedir" parameter, check this checkbox. For more information about this parameter: http://servers.dvts.org/ut3/installation/index.html. Using the "-nohomedir" parameter is recommended.

If you want to automatically log-in to UT3 when it starts up, check the Enable auto log-in checkbox and then enter your UT3 account name and password in the appropriate places. Check the Show password checkbox to see your password in plain-text to verify that you typed it correctly.

If you do not want to see the start-up movies that show the UT3, Midway, Intel logos at the beginning, check the "do not show movies during startup & campaign" checkbox. Note that selecting this option also disables the cut-scene movies in the single player Campaign.

The Splash Screens Screen

The pictures that are to be used by UT3 Splash as the alternates for the stock UT3 splash screen must exist in a subfolder of the folder where UT3 Splash was installed. This subfolder must be named "Screen". UT3 requires that its splash screen picture file be a bitmap (.bmp) picture file. Currently 29 pictures are supplied with UT3 Splash. However, these pictures are NOT included with or installed by the setup program. The pictures are available separately here: http://dvttools.dvts.org/download/ut3splash-screens.zip.

You are not limited to these pictures, however. Any .bmp picture file that you place in the UT3 Splash folder can be used. Click the "Splash Screens" tab to display this screen.

Splash Screen files in ... <location of the UT3Splash program "Screens" subfolder >

When you click on the "Spash Screens" tab a list of all the .bmp files that exist in the "Screens" subfolder of the UT3 Splash program are displayed. Each file name has a checkbox next to it. Check a picture's checkbox to tell UT3 Splash that you want that picture to be used in your Splash Screen rotation. When you click on a filename or put a checkmark in a file's checkbox, a thumbnail version of the picture is displayed to the left of the list of filenames.

When you check a filename it is moved toward the top of list and placed as the last checked file. For example, notice in the screenshot above that "UT3Personal2-BerZ.bmp" is the last of the checked files. If you were to check the file "NewUT3.bmp" (at the bottom of the visible part of the list), "NewUT3.bmp" would move up to the position immediately below "UT3Personal2-BerZ.bmp" and become the last checked file.

If you uncheck a filename, it moves from the top part of the list to the position immediately below the (now) last checked file. For example, if you were to uncheck "Unreal3.bmp," it would move down to be immediately below "UT3Personal2-BerZ.bmp" and all of the other checked files would move up (putting "WarHawk.bmp" at the top of the list).

The rotation order that the Splash Screen pictures are displayed to you when UT3 is run is the order they are shown in the list. Only the files you have checked are used in the rotation.

If the files are selected as in the screenshot above, the first time you run UT3 Splash (after it has been configured) you will see "Unreal3.bmp" as the UT3 splash screen; the second time you run UT3 Splash you will see "WarHawk.bmp" as the UT3 splash screen and so on. Since there are eight checked filenames, the eighth time you run UT3 Splash you will see "UT3Personal2-BerZ.bmp" as the UT3 splash screen and the ninth time it starts from the beginning of the list and you will see "Unreal3.bmp."

NOTE1: When UT3 Splash is run for the first time (Configuration Mode), UT3's stock splash screen is not available in the list for inclusion in your rotation. When UT3 Splash is run in Execution Mode (when it runs UT3 for you) for the first time, the stock splash screen is backed up as UTGame\Splash\PC\Splash-$orig$.bmp and it is copied to UT3 Splash's "Screens" subfolder. If you reset UT3 Splash to Configuration Mode, the stock splash screen will now be in the list as "Splash-orig.bmp" and may be included in your rotation list. Should you uninstall UT3 Splash, UT3 will continue to display the last used splash screen as set by UT3 Splash. If you wish to restore the stock splash screen to UT3, you will have to do this manually by deleting UTGame\Splash\PC\Splash.bmp and renaming UTGame\Splash\PC\Splash-$orig$.bmp to Splash.bmp.

NOTE2: All included picture files are believed to be either in the public domain or licensed for free distribution — most of these were created by Crotale, Bersey, Dexter, and Xenocide, participants at the Epic Games Unreal Tournament 3 forums. The few not created by them were obtained from (now) unknown (not remembered) sources on the internet. Thank you all for your fine work.

File Selection

Clicking the Select All radiobutton will check all the filenames in the list. Clicking the Select None radiobutton unchecks all the filenames in the list.

The easiest way to select the files you want to have in the splash screen rotation is to click the Select None radiobutton, then check the filenames in the order you want to have them in your rotation. With no filenames checked the first filename that you then check will move to the top of the list, the second filename you check will move up to the second position, and so on.

Remember, clicking on a filename will not check that filename but will display that filename's picture. This allows you to preview the pictures before selecting them with a checkmark.


Click the Browse button to open a window that allows you to browse for more picture files that you have anywhere on your system. Files that you select while browsing will be copied to the UT3Splash "Screens" folder. If a selected file is a bitmap (.bmp) file, it will be added to the list of available splash screens in the UT3Splash window. If a selected file is not a bitmap file, it will be copied to the "Screens" folder, but not added to the list. Files that are added will be at the bottom of the list when they are added. In subsequent runs of UT3 Splash, they will be in alphabetical order below the checked files in the list.

When browsing, multiple files in a given folder may be selected by using the Shift and/or Ctrl keys while selecting them.

OK, run, Cancel, & the Status Bar

The OK button

Click on the OK button to save all of the changes you have made in the configuration screens and exit the program. The changes are saved in a file called "splash.ini," which is created if it does not already exist. Clicking the OK button turns Configuration Mode OFF so subsequent runs of the program perform its primary, intended functions: change the UT3 splash screen and run UT3 (Execution Mode).

NOTE: The OK button is disabled until you either select one of the default UT3 program locations or you enter something for the location where you chose to install UT3. When you click the OK button the program will check to see that \Binaries\UT3.exe exists in the folder you have specified as UT3's location. If UT3.exe is not found, an error message is displayed and the program does not exit so you can correct the location for UT3.

The Run UT3... checkbox

Checking the "Run UT3 on exit" checkbox will run UT3 immediately after you click the OK button. When this is unchecked, clicking the OK button just saves the changes you have made to "splash.ini" and exits the program.

The Cancel Button

Click on the Cancel button to abandon all of the changes you have made in the configuration screens and exit the program. "Splash.ini" is unchanged or, if it did not previously exist, it is not created.

The Status Bar

Do not overlook the Status Bar at the very bottom of the program window. When you hover the mouse cursor over anything significant in the window, the status bar displays a short explanation of the item under the mouse cursor. Examples of this can be seen in the screenshots above. You should be able to pretty much figure out how to use the program by simply moving the mouse cursor around the window the observing the information displayed in the status bar.

Execution Mode

"Execution Mode" is the normal mode where UT3 Splash rotates the UT3 splash screen and runs the game for you.

When in Execution Mode, UT3 Splash does not show itself to you. It simply changes the splash screen to the next picture in your rotation list and runs UT3 using the parameters that you specified in Configuration Mode. Immediately after it tells Windows to run, UT3 Splash exits and is no longer running while you play UT3.

Copyright, Problems, Questions, and Bug Reports

This program is copyright © 2008-2009 by Clan Deviants and {DvT}JonahHex. It may be freely distributed by any means as long as the original content of the archives are kept intact and unmodified and all files are included. If you distribute the program to others by any means, you must make both the Setup program and the Screens ZIP file available to the recipients. These files must be distributed at no cost to the recipients.

If you have any problems, questions, suggestions, or wish to submit a bug report, contact {DvT}JonahHex at: hex@dvts.org. When submitting bug reports or other inquiries, please include the following information:

The Help file included with the program may be out of date. A current copy of the Help file is available at http://servers.dvts.org/download/ut3splash/help/ut3splash-help.zip. To update the in-program help feature, use Windows Explorer to go to the "Help" subfolder of the folder where the program was installed, delete all files from the Help subfolder and extract the contents of the help .ZIP file into the Help folder.